Why is Climbing So Hard….!!

Why does a 61 year old, C grade rider, weighing 95 kilos ( that’s ME!!!) find climbing so hard.

Here are a couple of articles that explain the maths of climbing

Click here – This is the first one covering the basics

Then you can proceed to the second article which illustrates the effect of saving weight.  I’m thinking for the moment of the amazing effect it had when I swapped my 16kg bike for an 8.5kg bike. So where to find the next 5kgs.??….  Maybe I can get  two kilos by moving to a 6.5kg bike, and then work off three kilos.  How about that??

Click here to read the second article.  The important conclusions are of course near the end of the article.

This is good for exploring what my old body can do.

Click here

1 thought on “Why is Climbing So Hard….!!

  1. Some interesting links here. There’s only about 1kg difference between my summer and winter bikes but it always amazes me how heavy the winter bike feels in comparison!

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