Bike Transport Boxes….!!

I harbour a dream to take my bike to Melbourne to cycle the big charity ride there, the BUPA ride.  The full distance round the  Philip Bay is 220km, but there are 130k and 80 km options as well.  It’s like the rim of a drowned volcanic crater, with a little gap to the ocean at the southern end, the City itself being at the north end.

Of course, this is going to mean taking the bike in the hold.  This is a great review on about choosing a bike box.

Charity Rides….!!

Been thinking that building up my fitness to do a charity ride might be a good objective.  I work at a company in the City where the mostly young (!) employees do cycle rides a couple of times a year for chairty.  They seem very keen !!

Now this actually is a bit daunting….  As you enter the office, the first thing you see on a wall is a photo of about 20 employees on the London to Paris ride – blimey !!  And this year I think they rode Belgium to London….  Obviously, I’ll have to build up fitness quite a bit…..