Garmin Delight

In recent weeks, my attitude about my Garmin has changed.  It’s gone from “quite good, very expensive”  to “blimey – that’s amazing!”



The key things have been

1/ Getting the SRAM Garmin integration showing.  What at first seems a gimmick in terms of showing the gears on the dashboard… is so so useful.

2/  Learning that the main dashboard is not where you create the dashboard in the photo. You simply start another one.

3/ I seem now to be able to extend my range by using cadence as a proxy for power output.  You know when the pros talk of “going into the red”….  Well, I’ve had good improvements since targetting a cadence range of 75-85 and averaging 80.  Cadence is now the main number on my dashboard.

4/ I used to find that the satnav feature of the Garmin was very variable and temperamental – and I used to blame the device.  Now I’ve discovered that all that is caused by the free Garmin Connect map and route creation software.  The enlightenment has been to create my routes on and pay the subscription to transfer “.tcx” files to the Garmin.  It seems to make the Garmin satnav 100% reliable and with fabulous turn-by-turn instructions, route lists, the t-by-t instructions can look two steps ahead in staggered junctions for example – and no turns seem to get missed.  Then there’s the route list !!

Anyway, I resent the fact that it is yet another subscription to pay, but I might drop Strava Premium to pay for it!!!  Well – it’s only the equivalent of one Flat White per month – so maybe not!!

Anyway – after seven years of owning a Garmin and being “quite satisfied”, I’m now “Delighted!!”


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