Down to Marden Again – OK but Slower by 5 minutes in 4 hours






Back to training for the Cardiff Giro again – down to Marden for the 52 mile roll with 3100 ft of climbing.

Nice ride actually, but wondering if these two fitbit screens go some way to the lost 5 minutes. I had really good range and could have gone another ten at least.

I’m staggeringly short of sleep (stress about my house build I think).  About 5 hours a night average…. sometimes less.  Ughhh.  Very tired.

I’ve only recently recovered from a heavy cold.  But looking at my resting heart rate in the few days there might be something on there.  It looks as if I’m trying to deal with something in the background.  My resting heart rate used to be around 55-56.

It turns out there is a new coffee house in the Old Post Office at Marden.  I’m going to give that a try in the next few days.  I sandwiched today at my favourite little cafe in Yalding – fab as usual.

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