The Chainhurst and Hunton Training Ride, 52m, 13.1mph

Getting to really love this ride.

Given how much fiddling I did at lunch – leaving the garmin “on” – 13.1mph is fine!  Still very focussed on the new regime of keeping the cadence in the range of 75-85 and a target of 80rpm.  Seems good for me for the minute.  It makes me think more about my gears strategy – and as my cycling buddy at Ilkley once said to me, “most people change up to late and down too late”….  It makes you think!!

I’m also very pleased with the new Garmin dashboard (photo above).  The only change I made mid-ride today, was to change the number at the bottom left of the screen to be “Time of Day” and not “Elapsed Time”.  I thought that showing the gears in the top window was going to be a gimmick, but it’s fabulously useful and makes you more gear aware – and no more looking down!!

It was horribly windy today.  Really gusty … but on the upside, the Yalding cafe that never opens was open today – had a great tuna sandwich for lunch!!  It was jolly busy in there – I could tell they hated it !!

Nice photos above of where the cafe is at Yalding Cross – very little has changed!!!  That’s it on the corner!!

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