MCC Ride from Dunton Green to The Rising Sun at East Malling – 37 miles, 12.2-12.4mph

The Rising Sun is stuck in a little time warp, but we love it there.  We seem welcome for a start, but it’s on a narrow street and you carry the bikes through a smart door and along a covered hallway to park them in the garden!!  Had a sausage sandwich – which I confess was excellent.  The beer fans were very keen on the beers too.

A smashing little day, captain’d by Ron so the pacing was consistent and good.  About three pretty heroic climbs on the way out including Long Mill and the Teston Climb (Red Box Hill). I reckon “Long Mill” is a mis-print on the sign for “Long Hill”….

Being an idiot, I forgot to set the Garmin going as we left Dunton Green (until we got to Brittains Lane). So the ride data is a bit short – but I reckon it was about a 37 mile day in total for me.

Full Winter Kit !!!


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