MCC Ride to The Green Man at Hodsell Street

I think this is the second time we’ve ridden to the Green Man in the last year or two.  Nice pub!  The route though from Polhill had a couple of staggering climbs, including my Nemesis … “Knatts Lane” .  If you look at the climbing profile below, you’ll see that it looks like we went vertically upward around mile 14.  That’s because we did go almost vertical.

Last time we rode that I had to stop – my heart rate hit 177 and I thought I was goner!! This time I was more measured, but just as the nasty part started, a Royal Mail van came down.  I rode into the soft leafy mush at the side, my wheel sank and I stopped.  So I pushed until past Her Majesty’s mail van, then found an overhanging tree to allow me to get clipped in – then finished it off.  Very hard.  Will have to re-gear my cassette to 11-34T I suspect.  That’s what our ride leader has done!

Just noted the SS score on Garmin!! (see above in red!!)

There were about 1600 feet of climbing in 20 miles – but it felt like 3600 feet.  Honestly!

The ride back with David was pretty quick – we took the quick flat option (see above!) along the Pilgrim’s Way from Wrotham.

We started in about 3 degrees and it got to 5 or 6 degrees I think …  New winter boots meant “toasty toes”. Fab!

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